Attention: CEOs and Founders with a great product/service needing distribution

We WIll Add 10-15 Qualified Appointments Per Month Using Viral Dynamic Sales Letters


Who is this for?

This is for B2B companies making at least $20k/month with an exceptional track record who are tired of:

  • Relying on useless lead generation agencies that leave you high and dry with nothing to show for it.

  • Unqualified prospects in the pipeline.

  • Prospects not understanding the unique value your company bring on sales calls.

  • Struggling to close deals.

  • Spending money on dead ends such as SEO or inefficient content marketing.

  • Not being able to effectively find product-market fit.

  • Being unsure how to venture into new markets.

  • Not knowing how to educate your prospects properly before ever getting on a sales call.

protocol results

KnowledgeX, a marketing agency scaled from 60 to 100k in MRR within the first 3 months

62 Positive Replies Out Of 1005 Leads Contacted

8 Booked Calls Within 13 Hours

How does it work?

The "rainmaking" system consists of three building block stages, each serving as a foundation to ensure success for the next stage.

Testing The Waters

Dynamic Iteraion

Explosive Scaling

The first stage seeks to find product-market fit in the most cost-efficient method of cold outreach.We build high-converting sales and marketing assets that educate your prospects while diving into their pain points and positioning your service as the logical solution that helps them reach their dream outcome.

Once product-market fit is efficiently found, the dynamic sales letter undergoes iterations based on your prospect's own feedback.We'll review and study your sales calls, then use the prospects' own language to iterate on the funnel to maximise conversions and get prepared for scaling.

This stage is where we see true explosive growth. Once the foundations are in place, your offer is ready to be scaled and taken to market.The first two stages serve as foundations to prepare your business for the most effective ad campaigns. We'll assist you in building the required systems to cope with this traffic.


  • An additional $50-100k in new business within the next 90 days.

  • New sales and marketing assets that educate and pre-sell your prospects before they ever get on a call with you.

  • Increased close rates.

  • Proven ad campaigns that you can reuse again and again.

  • A significant reduction in time spent on manual and repetitive tasks.

  • Fresh systems and processes to help maintain stability and help train your employees.

  • Help with finding any new talent you may need to bring on.

Our guarantee

We guarantee that you will add an extra $50,000 in qualified revenue opportunities within the first 90 days of working with us or YOU DON'T PAY.